Beverly Brennan Beverly Brennan

The fabulous Beverly Brennan takes us on a tour of her longtime, award-winning professional life as a teacher, with funny and poignant stories about substituting and teaching kindergarten through college.  Songs range from Gershwin to Alice Cooper, from Musical Theater to The Beatles. And can she belt! Come and put some rhythm in your nursery rhymes! 

“Beverly’s sultry jazz contralto and easy treatment of lyrics warms the room like hot chocolate.” -David Sabella, New York

Ethan Edwards and Shirley Aschinger, Guest Artists 

Ken Haller, Director        Rick Jensen, Music Director 

Beverly's proceeds to Team Gateway To a Cure, in their search to find a cure for Parkinson's Disease.

Beverly is an award-winning educator and the recipient of:

-The Missouri Governor’s Award for Outstanding Educator

-The Emerson Excellence in Education Award

-Featured in Who’s Who In American Education.