Golliday Golliday

In The Soul’s Garden, Gollday weaves his original music with soul ballads and uptempo hits from the 70’s through the 90s, including many of the songs that most inspired him as he was coming up. In between the songs, Golliday entertains us with stories.

Deion ‘Golliday’ is a vocalist and performer who combines the best of the past with everything the future has to offer. Born and raised in St. Louis, Golliday grew up in the church, where was heavily influenced by the music his Grandparents kept him surrounded by. After working to develop his passion and graduating from Central Visual and Performing Arts High school, Golliday began writing and releasing original music - and hasn’t stopped since. While Golliday's music is clearly informed by the gospel, classic soul & 90’s R&B he grew up around, it is just as clearly informed by his raw passion, creativity, and heart.