Blue Strawberry | "Crafting some of the most beautiful, compelling Americana today." - American Songwriter | Jackie Bristow

Jackie Bristow

Jackie Bristow is less well known around here than she deserves to be. A striking singer and a superb songwriter (take a look at the video on the right below, recorded in a club in Sidney 15 years ago - when is she gonna blow up?) Bristow gets lots of love from the cognoscenti of the folk, folk rock and Americana world, who know just how good she is. She's opened for many heavyweights, including Bonnie Raitt, and was subsequently invited back for the next tour. Her songs are beautiful, smart, powerfully and subtly nuanced, as is the way she sings them.

"Outsider is a jewel from a legendary talent. Could be album of the year." - Indie Pulse Music

"Crafting some of the most beautiful, compelling Americana today." -American Songwriter

Born in New Zealand, transplanted to Australia and then on to Nashville, Jackie packs light into a lot of worlds. Blue Strawberry is very fortunate to have her.

Special Thanks to David Oetting for his gracious support of this show.